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The Australian National University

Ruling over China’s arbitrary actions

The NSC’s Marina Tsirbas, Derek Lundy and Rory Medcalf discuss various aspects of Chinese assertiveness in the South China Sea and the recent international tribunal ruling on some of the disputes:


Marina TsirbasIn this analysis for Policy Forum, Marina Tsirbas details the findings from the highly-anticipated ruling at the Permanent Court of Arbitration on the South China Sea, and highlights key impacts on future nation state behaviour.


Leah FarrallDerek Lundy looks at China’s “salami tactics” in the South China Sea and outlines an “off-the-shelf menu” of escalating diplomatic, political, economic and military responses that could be used to ease tensions among the key claimants in the maritime region, in this blog post for The Interpreter



Adam HenschkeMeanwhile, in a working paper for the Brookings Institution on the state of the US-Australia alliance, Rory Medcalf focuses on the centrality of the “China challenge” in the relationship and how it could be tested under various worrying scenarios in the South and East China Seas.