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Gujarat police inspector to hone cyber skills 

For Dr Archana Shivhare, her positive experience of the National Security College began before she’d even arrived in Canberra from her home Gujarat, India.

Archana ShivhareFor Dr Archana Shivhare, her positive experience of the National Security College began before she’d even arrived in Canberra from her home Gujarat, India.

“Before coming here I was communicating with [Academic Program Coordinator] Farnaz Salehzadeh, and it was a very good experience,” she says. “She was very supportive throughout the admission process and gave me a really warm welcome before I entered the university or before we had even met each other. I’ve found all of the staff and professors here to be very cordial and very welcoming, and they give personal attention to all the students.”

Archana, who is a Deputy Inspector General of Police in Gujarat, came to the NSC as part of an Indian Government training program that sends its officers all over the world.

“Indian police officers get to do one year of foreign training at any university in the world, to enhance their knowledge and skills related to their job,” she says. “I chose to come here to do this training, because the Australian National University is one of the top universities in the world, and the contents of the course and the learning outcomes suited the type of training that I was seeking to do.”

After completing honours in economics then a Master of Business Administration with specialisations in marketing and finance, Archana passed highly competitive Civil Services Examination to join the Indian Police Service (IPS), one of the three arms of the All India Services.

“I wanted to go into either the Indian Administrative Service or the Indian Police Service because you’re closely connected with the rural public and you get to do a lot for their development and to help remove the problems like poverty, unemployment and disease,” she says.

“I feel that my nation has given me so much, so I felt that by joining the All India Services after I finished my studies I’d be able to give something back to my nation.”

After joining the IPS, Archana completed her PhD on the application of information technology in the police department of Gujarat state. Now heading up the Gujarat police’s cyber cell, she found the NSC’s subjects on cybersecurity particularly attractive.

“I’ve chosen subjects on cybersecurity and national security policymaking, and I’ll be doing some research with one of the professors for the Selected Topic in National Security Policy subject,” she says.

“Here we get to understand deeply the nuances of security policymaking. Things are changing very fast and new powers are emerging every day, which has economic, political and social repercussions.

“As a police agency we work in society. So we have to understand that society in total – the social, political and economic impacts of the society. This course offers a varied knowledge about those aspects, and always relates it back to the security aspect. It will broaden my horizons and increase my knowledge.”

When she returns to India, Archana intends to put her degree to use reforming Gujarat’s cybersecurity policy.

“Because I head the state cyber service I’ll definitely be working on that,” she says. “It’s not only cybercrimes, it’s also basically how we secure the data of government departments and especially of the police department.”

She also hopes to take a five-year central deputation working with the Indian central government in Delhi, before possibly moving on to a security adviser position with the United Nations.

“I want to work with the UN so that I can serve not only my nation but the international community,” she says. “I think definitely the knowledge from my course will help in that and I hope that the world as a whole as well as India will be benefited by my services if I get a chance to work with the UN.”



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