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Tony Press

Associate Professor Eugene Gholz and Professor Dudley Kingsnorth
Rare earth elements: Simple commodity or strategic vulnerability?

This NSC public seminar will explore rare earth elements as strategic resources that can be used as tools of statecraft, and Australian as an alternative reliable source of these critical materials.

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Tony Press

Dr Tony Press
Australia's Antarctic strategic interests in the 21st century

This NSC public seminar will explore the emerging issues in Antarctica and their implications for the Antarctic Treaty System and for Australia’s Antarctic policy.

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Rodger Shanahan

Dr Rodger Shanahan
Sectarianism: The threat to Australia

Dr Rodger Shanahan will argue that Australian jihadists fighting in Syria and Iraq present a whole new set of issues for Australia. Register for 24 July.

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Nicholas Khoo

Dr Nicholas Khoo
Encountering turbulance: China's rise and the international politics of power transition in Asia

Informed by interviews with Chinese academics and analysts conducted in Beijing, this presentation will seek to explore and explain the increasing complexity in China’s regional policy.

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Mick Keelty

Associate Professor Mick Keelty, Dr Adam Henschke, Mr Shannon Ford
Cybersecurity: mapping the ethical terrain

In this seminar, the presenters will demonstrate that managing the risks of cybersecurity involves trade-offs: between security and privacy; individual rights and the good of a society; and between the types of burdens placed on particular groups in order to protect others.

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Indonesian elections 2014

Associate Professor Leonard Sebastian, Dr Ahamd D Habir, Dr Christopher Roberts
Indonesia's ascent: power, leadership and the regional order


This seminar will address the key issues and challenges facing Indonesia today, including its foreign policies and the influence of political values, its role in Southeast Asia and the Asia-Pacific, its economy and economic nationalism, and the future of Indonesia-Australia relations.

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Professor Stephen M Walt

Professor Stephen M. Walt
The rise of China and America's Asian allies

Professor Walt explains why China’s rise will lead to increased security competition in Asia and explore the implications of this trend for United States alliance relations in this region.

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