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Anthropology: A world leader in the social anthropology of Asia and the Pacific. We have a distinguished program of research, publication and postgraduate training. On-going research interests of academic staff and graduate scholars are focused on mainland and island Southeast Asia, East Asia, South Asia, Southwest Pacific and immigrant Australia.
Archaeology and Natural History: Our research aims to understand prehistoric human societies, the environments in which they developed and the environmental consequences of human presence.
East Asian Studies: The Department engages with the civilizations of China, Japan, Korea, and Mongolia through their local languages. It is the nerve-centre for undergraduate instruction in those languages at the Australian National University. The Department's commitment to fostering and promoting a rigorous understanding of East Asian languages complements teaching and research done across the College of Asia and the Pacific.
Gender, Culture & Media Studies: We bring together diverse disciplines, methodologies and approaches. It seeks to be at the forefront of efforts to improve knowledge and understanding of the social dynamics in the regions of Asia and the Pacific.
Linguistics: We are involved in documenting and describing the myriad languages of the vast Asia Pacific region, drawing on fieldwork within the speech communities and producing grammars, dictionaries and collections of recorded textual materials. These have relevance to many scientific questions.
Pacific and Asian History: Our department is one of the largest communities of historians of Asia outside Asia itself, with a vibrant culture of research, writing, supervision, teaching and engagement in public affairs. We examine Pacific and Asian histories in their own right and as part of the grand flow of global history.
South and Southeast Asian Languages and Culture: The global significance of South and Southeast Asia in political, economic, security and cultural terms is growing rapidly. Our department focuses on this growth and aims to stimulate and capitalise on renewed interest in these regions within ANU and in the broader Australian community.

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