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Akami, TomokoHistory of international relations in the Asia-Pacific region, especially in Northeast Asia, in the interwar period, focusing on key ideas, norms and international organizations. Major topics were/are: the roles of non-governmental organizations, the problems of liberalism for the nation-state and empire, Japanese news agency and foreign policy, and the League of Nations and empires.
Arka, I WayanAustronesian and Papuan languages of Eastern Indonesia, language typology, syntactic theory, language change.
Ashar, MeeraLiterature
Avenell, SimonUnderstanding Japan's human-centred environmentalism
Ballard, ChrisHuman rights and violence; resource ownership, land rights and autonomy; oral tradition and historicity; cross-cultural encounters and concepts of 'race'; agricultural transformation; history, anthropology, archaeology and geography; regional interests in Indonesia and Melanesia.
Barraclough, RuthKorean labour history and gender studies; the factory girl in Korean literature; literary translation; kisaeng and the politics of bonded labour; Red Love; Korea's Early Communist Women.
Baulch, Emma
Bedford, StuartPacific archaeology, relating primarily to origins, cultural transformation and change, social interaction, environmental impact and human responses to natural disasters. Archaeologies of Empire, Colonialism and Contact.
Black, Shameem
Brockwell, SallyArchaeology of northern Australia and Island South East Asia
Broinowski, Adam
Calo, Ambra
Choi, HyaeweolSociocultural history of women in Korea and East Asia; missionary discourses; intellectual history of Korea; gender and transnationality; diaspora
Clark, GeoffreyNeolithic colonization of Oceania, especially of western Micronesia and Lapita occupation of the Central Pacific. A current large project investigates the Tongan maritime empire and its expansion to east Fiji and Samoa with archaeology, traditional history and geophysical techniques. I have research interests in monumental architecture, zooarchaeology and historical archaeology with ongoing projects in each of these areas.
Cliff, TomPolitical Ethnography. Northeast Asia; China; Xinjiang; Frontier Studies; Colonialism and Imperialism; Informal Life Politics; Resource Politics - Water and Energy
Cribb, RobertRobert Cribb's research interests focus mainly on Indonesia, though he has some interest in other parts of maritime Southeast Asia (Malaysia, Singapore, Timor Leste and Brunei) and in Mongolia. The themes of his research are: mass violence and genocide; crime; national identity; environmental politics; and historical geography.
D'Arcy, PaulThe history of conflict and conflict resolution in the Asia Pacific region; Pacific maritime & naval history; environmental history; indigenous history; interdisciplinary methodology; comparative, regional history in the Asia Pacific region.
Donohue, MarkAustronesian languages and culture history, Papuan languages, morphosyntax, phonology, historical and areal linguistics, linguistic typology, human history in Sahul.
Doron, AssaThe anthropology of contemporary India, and South Asia and Southeast Asia more generally; development studies and contemporary health practices; urbanization; modernity, and identity politics; religion; tourism studies; postcolonial studies, ethnographic practice, Diaspora studies.
Du Bois, Thomas
Eunjeong, Soh
Evans, Bethwyn
Evans, NickAustralian languages, Papuan languages, linguistic typology, historical and contact linguistics, semantics, the mutual influence of language and culture, language documentation, social cognition in grammar
Fan, ShengyuClassical Chinese literature, especially Hongloumeng and its English translations.
Fenner, JackIsotope ratio analysis for archaeology and environmental reconstruction; Asia, Pacific, and North American prehistory; Faunal analysis; Human behavioral ecology; Quantitative methods in archaeology; GIS and computer applications; Human universals
Friedlander, PeterHindi teaching pedagogy, the history of religion in South Asia and Buddhist studies
George, Kennethart, religion, and language
Gibeau, Mark
Greenhill, Simon
Haberle, SimonSoutheast Asia, Melanesia and Pacific Islands; Historical Ecology; Palynology; Palaeoclimatology; Fire History.
Hassall, Timothysecond language pragmatics
Hawkins, StuartHuman impact and subsistence change: The terrestrial ecology in Vanuatu prehistory (Chair of panel: Dr Stuart Bedford)
Hayes, CarolMy research interests include pre-modern, modern and contemporary Japanese literature and film; ethnicity and cultural identity. I am also interested in Japanese language acquisition and motivation. Current research includes a book on the life and work of the Taisho poet Hagiwara Sakutar?, a research project into how best to teach Japanese film, and a Women's Voices project which is exploring the relationship between poetic artistic expression and the female voice as an agent of advocacy and change in contemporary society.
Hendriks, PeterThe history of Japanese language, the history of Japanese dialects, historical syntax and morphology, and acquisition of Japanese as a second language.
Hermkens, Anna-Karina
Heryanto, ArielCultural Studies, Popular Culture, Mass Media, Urban Middle Classes, Political Violence
Hung, Hsiao-chunIsland Southeast Asia
Hyslop, GwendolynTibeto-Burman languages, languages and linguistic prehistory of the Himalayas and South Asia, historical and areal linguistics, tone and tonogenesis, linguistic typology, the relationship between language, culture, and the mind
Hyung-A, KimKorea's contemporary politics and society; the role of the state and the power elite; the politics of networking.
Ikeda, ShunJapanese language, education, culture and society. He also has research interests in comparative education in Asia and in socio-linguistics (language policy and planning).
Ishihara, ShunichiExperimental Phonetics, Speech & Language Processing
Jackson, PeterModern Thai cultural history; especially the history of gender and sexuality and minority sexual cultures; Buddhism and Southeast Asian religious studies. Comparative Southeast and East Asian Cultural studies. Globalisation studies.
James, HelenHistory, politics, and anthropology of Southeast Asia, especially Myanmar and Thailand, with particular attention to the politics of religion, civil society, human security and human rights, governance and sustainable development, and the politics of development, international aid and health
Ji, Fengyuan
Jolly, MargaretVanuatu, Pacific, exploratory voyages, Christianities, colonialism, nationalism, cinema, indigeneity and diaspora in contemporary popular culture, HIV/AIDS, gender, sexuality
Kilcline Cody, Mary History of Malaysia and Singapore, colonialism, microhistory, murder trials, colonial law and society in SE Asia, the writing of W. Somerset Maugham.
Kim, Hyung-AContemporary politics of the Korean peninsula with particular focus on the role of state, democratic development and socio-cultural movements.
Kipnis, AndrewPostsocialism and postsocialist societies; anthropology of education; processes of subjectification; kinship and gender; language and culture; China; East Asia; USA.
Lal, BrijContemporary Pacific Islands history; Fiji; comparative constitutionalism; plantation systems and labour history; Asian diaspora.
Lee, Duck-YoungJapanese-Korean linguistics, Interface between grammar and interaction, Unique features of spoken language
Lepani, KatherineTBA
Levitus, Robert
Li, TanaHistory of Vietnamese society, economy and technology, 15th-19th centuries; regional trade and the history of ports in the South China Sea region; Vietnamese historiography; history of the overseas Chinese in Southeast Asia; Chinese in Vietnam during the Vietnam War period
Louys, Julien
Luker, Vicki
Makeham, JohnChinese intellectual history; the history of the formation and development of modern academic disciplines in China; the relationship between 'Confucianism' and Chinese cultural identity; the historian's and the philosopher's differing approaches to traditional scholarship in China; the relationship between commentarial traditions and cultural memory.
Maliangkaij, RoaldKorean folk and popular culture, both domestically and abroad, with a particular focus on marketing, music and cinema in the early and mid twentieth century. Also: issues related to cultural policy (including propaganda and censorship).
McWilliam, AndrewTimor ethnography, minorities and the state in Indonesia and East Timor, customary land and resource tenures, social and environmental impact of mining, indigenous religion, applied anthropology in economic development, Australian Aboriginal customary land interests and cultural heritage.
Minford, JohnChinese literature, classical and modern, especially Hongloumeng and Liaozhai zhiyi; modern martial arts fiction; contemporary Hong Kong literature; translation and history of translation; ancient Chinese philosophy, especially the Yi Jing and Sunzi bingfa.
Morgain, Rachel
Morris-Suzuki, TessaThe social history of Japanese technology; national identity and ethnic minorities in Japan; the history of indigenous peoples in Northeast Asia; modern Japanese historiography; globalisation processes (with particular reference to Northeast Asia).
Mosko, MarkSocial anthropology; symbolism; social organisation; cultural change; leadership; personhood; agency; gift exchange; religion; Christianity; chaos theory; Melanesia/Pacific.
Narangoa, LiProfessor Narangoa is a historian specializing in the political and military history of Northeast Asia, especially Japan's imperial half century (1895-1945) and the development of Mongol national identities. Her research covers issues ranging from empire, imperialism, colonialism, collaboration, the nature of borders, failed states in Northeast Eastern history and minority issues in China, to diplomacy,culture and religion.
Narayan, Kirin
Nelson, Barbara
O'Connor, SusanAustralian and Southeast Asian archaeology, Pleistocene colonisation of Island Southeast Asia and Australia by modern humans and the links between these regions, change and continuity across the boundary of the Neolithic transition in Island Southeast Asia, human impacts on the environment.
Powers, JohnIndian and Tibetan Buddhist history of ideas, human rights issues, Tibetan history and Chinese propaganda. Current projects: PRC propaganda relating to Tibetan religious belief and practice; a historical dictionary of Tibet.
Prebble, Matthew
Reepmeyer, ChristianGeochemistry of archaeological materials (particularly obsidian and other igneous rocks). Economic and exchange theory, theoretical ecology and HBE, theory of value. Paleoenviromental impacts on colonisation and cultural change in the Western and Central Pacific. International cultural heritage management.
Ricci, RonitComparative Literature, Translation Studies, literary cultures of Muslim South and Southeast Asia, Javanese manuscript literature, alphabet histories, Malays of Sri Lanka
Robinson, KathrynIndonesia and Southeast Asia; development; gender; traditional architecture; medical anthropology.
Rumsey, AlanMelanesia; Aboriginal Australia; discourse; social identity; linguistic anthropology; indigenes and the state.
Sandilands, ChintanaThai language and culture, as well as other aspects of Thai studies, particularly contemporary political, economic and social issues.
Schimmelpfennig, Michael
Sidwell, PaulComparative and Pal?o-linguistics, descriptive linguists, Mon-Khmer languages and ethnic groups, Southeast Asian (pre)history, language contact, phonetics, phonology, history of linguistics.
Soh, Eun Jeong
Stevenson, JanelleSoutheast Asia, Pacific Islands; palynology; environmental change; fire histories; historical ecology; palaeoclimatology; detection of crop plants.
Strange, Mark
Tapsell, RossIndonesia and Southeast Asia; press freedom; journalism; history; Australia-Indonesia relations
Taylor, McComasThe construction of truth in the Sanskritic episteme; The ideas of social division in Sanskrit narrative literature
Taylor, PhilipThe anthropology of contemporary Vietnam, the Mekong sub-region and Southeast Asia; economic and social development; urbanisation; modernity, ethnicity and identity politics; pilgrimage and popular religion; music; gender relationsin East and Southeast Asia; cultural constructions of the body;political transformations in Communist systems; contemporary ethnographic practice; innovations in fieldwork methodology.
Teaiwa, KaterinaPhosphate mining in Oceania, Pacific diasporas, cultural policy, popular culture and creative industries, contemporary Pacific dance, regional and transdisciplinary Pacific Studies.
Thai, BaoApplied Linguistics and Economic Development
Tomlinson, MattSocial And Cultural Anthropology; Linguistic Anthropology; Language, Communication And Culture; Religion And Religious Studies
Wang, Yan-yanChinese language teaching methodology and applying a variety of methods to Chinese language teaching. Investigating the effects of teaching pragmatics in language class from Conversation Analysis perspective is her current research.
Wei, ShugeWinning the West: China's rivalry with Japan in China's English language publicity, 1928 - 1941 (Chair of panel: Dr Tomoko Akami)
Widodo, Amrihperforming art, popular culture, mass-media, peasant and social movement, identity politics and politics of signification.
Zhang, Yanyin

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