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The Australian National University

Research Specialists

Name & emailTitle & specialty area
Anderson , AthollEmeritus Professor  
Brookfield, HaroldEmeritus Professor  
De Rachewiltz, Igor Adjunct Professor  Mongolian history
Douglas, BronwenAdjunct Senior Fellow  Racial science in the Pacific
Elvin, MarkEmeritus Professor  Chinese environmental history
Fletcher, MichaelAdjunct Fellow  
Golson, JackEmeritus Professor  Aust Pacific Science Foundation - Nine Thousand Years of Gardening in PNG
Govor, Elena  Ethnohistory of Nuku-Hiva; Russian studies of Nuku-Hiva in 1804; Russian voyages in Oceania, history of science of race in Russia; Russian sources on South Pacific; Miklouho-Maclay visit to New Hebrides (Vanuatu) in 1879; Russian Anzacs; history of early Russian immigration in Australia; database of early Russian immigrants in Australia.
Heijnis, HenkAdjunct Professor  
Hope, GeoffreyEmeritus Professor  Swamps, caves and lakes across Asia Pacific and the development of methods to measure environmental change. Climate change and high resolution records.
Johns, AnthonyEmeritus Professor  
Jorgensen , John Alexander Adjunct Professor   
Kumar, AnnEmeritus Professor  The nation-state in contemporary Southeast Asia; Indonesian politics; Indonesian Islam; Impact of the West on Indonesia; Indonesian history; Indonesia's Writing Traditions; Javanese theatre; Early Javanese history.
Low, AnthonyEmeritus Professor  Indian History
MacKnight, CampbellEmeritus Professor  Prehistory and early history of Indonesia, especially South Sulawesi; Bugis philology; early history of Australia, especially maritime discovery.
Marr, DavidEmeritus Professor  20th century history of Vietnam; comparative revolutions in Asia.
McCormack, GavanEmeritus Professor  Modern Japanese (and East Asian) intellectual, political and environmental history; changing views of nature in the course of modernisation in Japan and East Asia, especially in respect of rivers and water; regional environmental history; struggles over the definition of past (especially China and Pacific wars) and future (beyond capitalism and the Cold War) identities in Japan; North Korea as regional and global problem in early 21st century, with especial reference to the Japan-North Korean relationship.
Milner, AnthonyEmeritus Professor  Malaysian history and Malay political culture.
Pawley, AndrewEmeritus Professor  Austronesian and Papuan languages and cultures, the prehistory of Pacific Island peoples, folk taxonomies and ethnobiology, lexicography, phraseology and idiomaticity.
Quinn, GeorgeAdjunct Professor  
Reid, AnthonyEmeritus Professor  Southeast Asian History, as a coherent whole. More specific work on Sumatra, the early modern period, nationalism, revolution and social/economic history.
Reynolds, CraigAdjunct Professor   
Rimmer, PeterEmeritus Professor  Economic geographer specialising in urban and regional development in the Asia-Pacific Rim and the role of transport (road, rail, sea and air) and communications.
Ross, MalcolmEmeritus Professor  Austronesian and Papuan languages, theory of language change, contact-induced language change, historical change in grammatical constructions. Regional focus on Papua New Guinea and on Taiwan.
Tapp, NicholasEmeritus Professor  Hmong; minorities and the state; Southeast Asia and China; religion and development; history, locality, transnationals.
Ward, GerardEmeritus Professor  Pacific

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